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What does the future of North Macedonia look like?

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Everything that is GOOD for Macedonia!

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Renewable Energy

Grow healthy food


Better Education

Teach Real Skills

Progressive Legislation

for economic growth

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frequently asked questions

What is exactly this concept

Multidimensional concept to discover beauty, charm and creation of the people who live and work in country side as hard worker and lovers in the nature to share their stories and small, start up, family or individual business as unique creation.

Is a great sustainable platform, base on strategy of social entrepreneurship concept and will have several benefits at ones.

Everywhere in the richness of beauty and creation by nature places and people who respect that beauty and live in synergy with it, want to share and thankfully protect

Because we are different, because support ideas of creators, Because of horizontal and vertical connection between people, nature, stakeholders, tradition, beauty of peacefulness and many undiscovered secret of amazing places in the country

Country side small and creative entrepreneurs, consumers of the alternative tourism and traditional food, adventure people, lovers of nature, but also country as general economical effects,. Travelers from country and abroad, and of course nature because everyone respect 

Eco Tours

Stay & Volunteer in North Macedonia

Make an IMPACT with Impact Macedonia!

Support Local Businesses, farms and small organizations - Impact Macedonia is your entry to an unique experience volunteering in North Macedonia


Yes Like this

You can consume, participate, enjoy in geniuses experience and give an impact

Yes Like this

You can announce your complementary business in the front of unlimited potential form the country and abroad

Yes Like this

You can realize your higher potential, apply for a projects to develop your business, region but also to create networks, to promote own small business in the platform in the front of millions of the lovers of services on traditional and natural way



Veles Region

Eco lake and restaurant Edinak, museum of the first number of Macedonian news paper, traditional making of white cheese, visit pets garden, Omorani pool and accommodation, first Eco community, 



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Mountain Side

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What Locals say about our work

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