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We are working to Transform North Macedonia

Intention + Attention + Work


Explore the science behind it

Make better living environment in the country

We are the team of enthusiastic and independent people who want to present original ideas of individual in Macedonia. Those unique people are also representing country. Anonymous can be very creative, stimulate and they can initiate huge impact in the environment.

Discovering people

In rural parts of the country, creative alternative tourism, eco concepts, small, startups, micro and individuals with eco frendly approaches


Promotion, personal growth, business extension, rapid develop, overcoming perception and boundaries 

The Solutions

We are all part of the solution. Just make a decision. Our business platform can provide realization on many dreams in progress as social entrepreneurship concept. We can give safe sustainability for small alternative rural startups and general economy growth.

learn how you can make a difference today.

We are open for everyone who has great idea to impact on individual level, on level of community, national and international level. You are welcome if you are able to support our concept, help society and help to manifest your self for the best of everyone


Put a value in the action means to put your energy, good will and also support the same from the others. 

The Human Maps

People can do something, nothing and everything. What is our map – to give mile stones.

Creator of the concept Impact Macedonia, founder of Human World NGo, Founder of Indigo - development center, Eco ambassador, vice president of WCPA with master degree in human resources
Rural entrepreneur, founder of Lake and ethnos restaurant Edinak, founder of plant with 15 acres
US student in psychology, forensic and experience in philosophy and theory of personality. I am here to benefit the great concept as strategy, energy and benefit for everyone.
Teofani Trajchevska
Entrepreneur, lecturer & professional translator
Jean Stanoevski
Owner of Constant
Expert in online sales, founder of several successful company in US and Estonia, established entrepreneur and supporter of strategy Impact Macedonia
Gary White
US successful entrepreneur, founder of chain restaurants, real estate expert and altruist
Mirche Churkoski

Become a member

Simply be the one who can make an impact. Send us your concept or support some of our strategy. Be one of us!

Stop climate change


Alternative, integrative, adventure tourism

Circular economy in integrative and innovative agriculture

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Founder of Impact Macedonia

With all of our power: Our hands, our hearts and our mind we can turn Macedonia in a true Garden of Eden, and share our prosperity with all Macedonian people...

Individual values

Share your unique stories, dreams, ideas, strategies. Be the one and unique. Manifest your self with own your concept in the nature, village, eco house, ethnos restaurant and apartments, accommodation and food in natural environment. Your eco projects and integrative approaches with the nature. Your permaculture and organic food, natural therapy and healing aspects in the nature. Adventure, alternative, integrative, innovative, organic. We want this individual values!

Country recognition

Everyone of us, with your original approaches and dreams, representing the country with own participation of living mission of your life and protecting nature in the environment including whole flora end fauna. 

The Solutions

WE are part of solution, all of us! Because no one chain make a bracelets. Your rural activities, business, alternative, integrative and innovative approach in the nature. Offer your potential and create sustainability.

work with us to make macedonia better​